Back in 1989 I visited India and stayed in Varanasi for about 6 weeks.  I went there to study Indian Classical music (mostly Sitar), learn Yoga and discover one of the most ancient cities in the world.   While there, I wandered the market bazaars, visited ancient temples, sat on the Ghats and met some amazing people. For those 6 weeks and there after I basically became a Hindu.  I wore a dhoti, drank chai in the alleys with other Hindus, worshipped at the Ghats and temples and played Sitar to the sunrise in the garden behind my room high above the Ghanga river.

During my time there I lived at Kedar Ghat (Kedar Guest House), an out of the way Ghat, far away from the daily swarm of tourists that descended on the river boats.  In the alleys behind my guest house lived a vibrant community of people going about their lives.  It was these people that I endeared to and photographed (above).